It’s Been a While – But It’s Been Loads of Fun

I actually am being a little sarcastic with that title. The “fun” has been on two fronts. On one front I’ve been messing around with Reaper on my little web book, crappy little toy computer with Windows XP and various chincy little MIDI interfaces. So after about 10 man hours spent on the leg of that Gantt chart, I’ve decided to abandon that methodology all together. Basically it’s been a waste of time. But I had to prove to myself and to my little ego … and there I did it!

So what’s the answer to a live setup? Well as it turns out the answer is a used Macbook with a LOGIC DAW installed and a half decent MIDI digital interface. The interface, I have already and the used Macbook  that I just purchased on eBay is on it’s way. I tried to go cheap using the crappy stuff I had and it’s no good and just not worth it.

During this period of messing around with inferior hardware and unknown software it suddenly became obvious to me that just playing live is going to enough pressure to handle on it’s own  and I don’t need the extra aggravation or the non-professional aspects that this less-than-ideal setup would bring to already oddball performance concept.

I’ve been using Macs and Logic (in one form or another) for decades and I’m very comfortable with them and UNIX. I actually did think of going with this superior setup in the beginning of this “Live Performance” journey idea/concept but quickly wrote it off as too “highfalutin”. But in the end it’s the only way to do what I want to do (and believe me I have researched lots). So on that front, I’m at least starting to make some progress.

Other the front (front #2) we the latest Mac OS X upgrade to El Capitan and the collateral software frustration it caused. Finally I am getting my DAW and Mac System in some sort of stability and alignment. Almost all my plugins have been upgraded to accommodate this latest OS upgrade.

So the only that’s left is that most of the plugins aupreset files that I created to denote patches I auditioned and decided to earmark for later use are now useless. Not only are aupreset unusable, they aren’t even recognized by the plugins I used to create in the first place. I looked the contents of some of these files with an XML file reader and their header formats are totally different from the aupreset files are being created by those plugins now. I’m not very happy about that because it means hours of work have gone down the drain. Anyway what are you going to do? 🙂

The other thing (I guess this would be front #3) is that I am now rethinking the idea of rebooting the best of all my old material. I’ve used a couple of my old tunes already as proof-of-concept guinea pigs and I’ve decided that it’s much better to create from the ground up than try to recreate something from the past that already had its creative path stamped out and has had it’s “creative day” as it were.

I think for the aesthetic integrity of this project and myself, I would prefer to go “whole hog” and write new material from the ground up using the much more advance technology that I have at my disposal now and write for the venue and project I’ve decided to pursue.

The possibilities are pretty huge (cosmic in fact).

So welcome aboard the spaceship “Progressive Cosmic Rock”L-I-V-E. (I hope …)

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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