Moving Forward Releasing Two Singles

Well after a very frustrating preliminary mix down session with my instrumental “Electrostatic Umbrella”, I’m ready to start kicking furniture (or at least punch a cushion). I’ve auditioned at least 4 different drum lineups and basically punted every one of them. Unlike more organic and most traditional styles of music, the song usually tells you exactly what it needs (if you know how to hear it); and just because you have a kitchen with over 60 spices in the cupboard doesn’t mean you have to use every damn one of them when you bake a cake. It’s very easy to succumb to the temptation of piling plugins and effects on everything with the false utopian mindset that if something sounds like crap, just keep piling more crap on it until all the crap cancels itself out. It’s very similar the classic war-of-the-channel levels that some beginner mixer/sound engineers go through. It’s a hell of a ride and when you get to the end of the fader, it’s time to get off. The other classic mixing pitfall is “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!”

Anyway, getting back to the drums for “Electrostatic Umbrella”, I think I finally found the right kit. There was a short time where I considered re-programing the entire drum track. But after looking at the time and effort involved, I decide to work with what I have and make it work. I don’t want to be working on this tune for the rest of my life.

Other than the issue with the drums I will be able to print a mix soon (hopefully tomorrow) and release it to the world.

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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