I’m Getting It Out There

I have started climbing the mountain of understanding, working with and engaging in the wonderful world of social media.

It’s a huge, time intensive and uncharted territory. Yet I must perceiver if I am going to get this plane off the ground. Apparently “If you build it they will come” doesn’t work in this case.

So I’ve got to take what has amounted to a 35 year, somewhat obsessive hobby (more like a personal religion based on music) and turn it into a serious music career. I’ve got the chops, the tunes and the tools, now all I need is time and a brain upgrade.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to make a clone or extend one’s life time then I want to hear from you otherwise it’s going to be getting down to business, eat more vegetables and stop complaining.


About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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