I Love to Hate Technology

I got a copy of the new LOGIC Pro last month. I haven’t done much with it because the 32 Bit incapability is a bit of a show stopper whereas many of my songs which are presently in development are using Syntheth 1 synth plugin. Although I know there are “alternatives” the best alternative is just releasing everything in a 64 bit format (which KORG has done with their retro synth plugins).

When it comes to the creative process (music and otherwise), I put a fair amount of energy into making sure there are as little road blocks as possible. What I mean by that is to make sure everything is in good working order and assessable. This includes keeping the guitars maintained and ready to play.

More times than not I found that the track that I thought was going to be a “scratch” guide track becomes the track I use because the energy is totally on the mark. So it’s always better to make sure to be in tune and that the track not filled with garbage. You never know, the first take may be the “One”!

I have found that in the past when I’m in a creative space it is vital to stay focused and stay that way. Any little thing like an intermitted signal cord or computer glitch that takes your attention can totally throw you off and destroy what could have been a really productive and creative session with great results.

Last week I had an issue with LOGIC (well both of them); Every time I booted up  LOGIC it would start doing the “scanning audio units” thing. It was really starting to drive me nuts and after about a week of that I broke down and Googled the problem.

The root cause was resolved by going into Preferences for Automap and checking the box “Use Logic 9 64Bit Plug-in Friendly Audio Units “. See the actual page I found this on, click this.

On top of just recently buying LOGIC PRO X, I also recently picked up a ZeRO SL Mk II which needs Automap software to work with LOGIC. So yes I have a bit of RTFM egg on my face but in my own defence I have had gone through a massive jump in technology and although a lot of it I find pretty intuitive, I have gone into the granular basement of every piece of software I’ve purchased. I too darn busy using it to make music!

Speaking of which, I am getting really excited about releasing my new CD “My Hat is a Synthesizer” (even though it’s half finished). It will be a really departure from my usual “Mike Oldfield” mindset and I am pretty sure a lot more people will like it.

I also plan to do something epic and orchestral based for my next CD. I don’t have a working title or anything but a flavour and style but I do have a vision of whatever I come up with – it’s going to be cosmic!

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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