The Brain That Wouldn’t Shut-up


Sometimes I can’t stop the flood of ideas I keep receiving from my brain. Although I am thankful for having a reasonably good brain in my head, there are sometimes I wish I could shut down the “MacGiver” subroutine that is constantly running and just give it a rest!

Every time I get an idea about something, I have to formulate a little Gantt chart and start figuring out how I am going to make it a reality. Thankfully most of the time these thought gems are helpful and it’s usually worth the effort. However sometimes the humorous part of my ego takes the wheel and I start coming up with a bunch of funny but totally useless ideas. It’s like having the brain of an eccentric eight year old boy.

Here’s an example of a reoccurring theme:

If I was a multi-millionaire I wouldn’t waste my money on cars, fancy houses or crap like that. One of the things I would do is hire a permanent, full-time staff of about 30 mimes that could follow me around and impede the regular flow of society in a nice friendly way by doing coordinated timed actions. For instance me and my 30 mimes could walk into a restaurant and sit down. I could talk to the servers and give them my order but the mimes have to mime their food orders. Later on at an exact time all the mimes would get up and do a little coordinated mime thing.

Anyway … I keep getting these random mime ideas all the time. Not that I got a thing for mimes, I just think they’re absurd just like so many other facets of our society that we blindly engage in everyday.  The great thing about this whole mime thing is although it’s illegal to disturb the peace, it’s not illegal to be a mime (or even 30 mimes).  You can no doubt you can see the beauty of the concept at this point. You could do press releases and raise money for charity and help wake people up though the auspices of the art of mime.

Another thing that keeps driving me nuts is an idea about writing a musical based on the IT industry of the local Financial District.  I visualize a chorus of “user” characters dancing and singing about with other actors dressed like small mainframe servers or PC workstations. Featuring show tunes with titles like “Where is the any-key?” and “Can You Print?”. It would have to be non-technical and accessible the average person. Yes it’s insane. I know its insane. But what’s really insane is I’m actually considering writing it!

Having said all that I also have to mention that learning to “not speak” everything that is in my head has been one the most beneficial things I have ever taught myself. There are times that I find it a real challenge to do this. Of course there’s the other end of the stick were a person won’t say anything. That usually makes people very uncomfortable. That’s why people like to engage in exorbitant, vibrant and engaging conversations about the weather. All you got to do is stick you head out a door or window and look up. That’s pretty much it. Unless you’re a couple meteorologist there’s not much to say.

“It’s raining

“Yes I know it’s raining”

“Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?”

“Not if it comes in cans!”


About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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