Next CD R&D Under Way

At the time of this 3531 more people have one or more tracks from the Crowded Moon CD. That’s about 3530 more than would have heard it in a year if I didn’t decide to put my music on the Airplay.  It’s an opportunity (for which I am very grateful) to get my music into the ears hundreds of people.  And the comments and feedback have been very positive and most encouraging and make me want to create more music.

Speaking of which, I already have some new musical ideas that I’ve been playing around with for my next CD project. I have a funny feeling that this one will be more focused stylistically and less experimental (I pretty much got all of that out of my system with Crowded Moon). I am so much more experience with the software and I have much more (software) to work with this time around.

I offered a free download of my Butterflies CD to my Jango fans but I don’t see any statistical results from that action as yet. It could be that people don’t trust the link, they don’t want free music or they don’t know how to use a Web Browser or what button to hit to download the tracks once they get to the site. The other possibility is people need more time. In any case it doesn’t matter. Offering something for free can sometimes raise suspensions “like it there isn’t anything wrong with it, why give it away for free?”  People may think there is some kind of a hidden agenda in place.

Well in this case, the hidden agenda is saying “Thank you!”

So ….Thank you ! 🙂

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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