Blessed Be CD Site is Cranking Out!

If I read the statistical data correctly, in the pass couple of weeks since the site went live, I’ve gotten about 23 hits. And I see by the bandwidth usage, people are checking out the music samples – which is nice.

I’m starting to work on the art work for Crowed Moon. I have also been working on finishing the music tracks, but it’s taking a lot longer than I’d hope due to the demands of working in the IT Industry. There is only so much energy to go around.

Playing guitar is one thing and being “on” with a great recorded performance is another.  If I’m not to exhausted, I will usually use the down time to learn more about the software I use or do something with little or no brain work (like changing strings on a guitar). Its hard to make a great recording of a solo if you’re a mental vegetable.

Also started working on a separate Compose site. It should be up by June of this year. There is a lot to do in the preparation department before I can release that site. It’s not going to be Disney 3D web site. In fact it will be as visually boring and straight ahead as possible with as few clicking opportunities as possible for visitors. It’s mainly going to act as a information access point for my compositional work.

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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