First Web Site Up and Running

I have been trying to get a Blessed Be CD web site up for about a million years now. Finally, it’s done. Yeah! (thanks God).

It’s pretty basic and I decided to go with a single page format as apposed to a multiple page    and save people having to click their brains out all over the place.

I’ve got some information on the instruments I used for the people are interested and samples of songs on there for anyone who is curious what my music sounds like. The web site has come out a decade after the release of the CD. Which sounds crazy but there it is … Blessed Be … the CD.

If you want to check my Blessed CD out, it’s at

On the music front, I just finished the latest song called Landings which sounds great.

I’ve decided to redo the bass and lead guitar on Crowded Moon . The performances are great but I have some issues with the intonation and sound quality. Crowed Moon is one of the oldest songs on the new CD and since I initially finished laying down the tracks for this song, a lot has happen in the experience and plugin departments.

It’s getting easier to make music and the quality is increasing. This is of course great and is something I have be working hard to achieve over the last year.

I haven’t had much time to mess around with the Mama Bear preamp but I did redo the 6 string acoustic on Crowded Moon which was originally a bit muddy sounding but now sounds really clean and crisp (just like a real acoustic guitar!) and shines through nicely.

I have bounced the tracks on almost all the songs on the up and coming CD. I am avoiding the freeze feature of Logic Pro like the plague. I don’t like what it does to the track – it sucks.

On the Native Instruments Studio Drums plugin which I used on Crowed Moon, I have also bounced each drum of the kit to a separate track. Although the compression and effects under the hood and basic sound quality are really  great, it drives me up the wall not to have separate outputs. There maybe a way to do it another way but I haven’t figured it out yet after searching on the web, scanning their help and looking through the manual.

In the last year I have really got into (what I call), “Processor Economics”. I use a lot of tracks and many of my tunes are like shoving three or more songs together into one song and sometimes this require a crazy amount of instrumental tracks to get the results I want. Well it doesn’t take a long time to run out of processor juice even with a Cosmic Pig (also the name I call my computer) like the one I have. So the best thing for a track pig like me to do is to get a track sounding like I want it to with a plugin or group of plugins and bounce the puppy over to another track ASAP. Then I usually set all the plugins from the original track to bypass mode and mute the original track in case I need to redo something on the original track. Thus saving gobs of processor juice which allows me to add yet another track without any the digital farting or clicking crap that comes from a over worked processor that is on the verge of exploding.

Although I have three types of guitar amplifier software (including the one that came with Logic), I find that I still like the sound of my POD 2.0 for my main lead guitar sound. Certainly there are some very cool things going on with the plugin amplifiers but I still dig the POD. However I still think the Softube bass amp room plugin blows anything short of a 70’s Marshall 100 watt bass stack out of the water. It’s really cosmic!

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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