3 more songs in the works more on the way

Things are coming along a lot better than I thought they would’ve. I’ve managed to clean up 3 songs and just completed writing and recording another.

Using techniques that developed in the last year so I’ve been able to make a lot of progress as pf late. Thus the turnaround time from idea


to completion has become quite a bit less. There is still quite a bit of information to digest in the manuals from the ultimate bundle software,  but things are moving along very quickly and what’s more, the songs have turned out much better than I thought they ever would have.

I tried to purchase a mama bear preamp from long and mcquade music but they no longer seem to handle that line of preamp, so I will be forced to buy it online, and speaking of buying things online, I will definitely be purchasing the bass amp room plugin. It is by far the best sounding thing I’ve ever heard on my bass.

Amazingly enough, the new software that I got at christmas time seems to be pointing me in new directions in song creation, thinking and style. With some of the synthesizers I got recently, just 1 note can inspire a world of ideas in my head.

And with the privilege of having all of these soft synthesizers I have been inspired to start another CD as soon as I can. in fact I have ideas for at least another 3 cds.

This last year has been a great growing experience and I have learned a lot about working with digital audio workstations and the unwritten subtleties that are involved in a good mix. Of course I’m still learning but I’m through the bulk of the learning curve and I am starting to enjoy the rewards of all my work.

One thing I definitely learned is that things are transparent. Not everything does or acts the way that it is supposed to. The best way to mix a song is to do it with your ears and your brain and not with your eyes.

And just like everything else on the internet, just because someone says something does not mean that it’s necessarily true. (Which should go without saying).

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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