Christmas Vacation Recording Session Update

Well I got myself a Native Instruments Ultimate bundle for Christmas. Although I must say the software is ultimately wonderful and everything sounds extremely wonderful and works well, I can’t say that the delivery system (IE – the little hard drive by which the software is delivered) is at all “Ultimate”. The miniature USB jack which broke off inside the second time I used in order to look for documentation.

The propitiatory case that NI used looks great and is real sturdy however the smaller sized USB jack used in the case has got some major issues! After I got the software installed, I carefully unplugged the drive and put in the box. I came back a few minutes to flash it up again and so I could hunt down the documentation. When I plugged the drive in this time the jack inside the NI drive let go and was rattling around inside the the case!

In spite of USB jack issue, the software is amazing! I’ve been  using on a couple of tunes and it’s a very excellent product. The guitar sounds are great. I can’t wait to create my own presets and forget about the factory presets (which goes without saying).

On a Bass Note:

Man … I have been struggling with my bass sound for months. The closest thing I found that gets a bass sound I can live with was my old “Bass POD” …. UNTIL NOW!

I have found the best bass amp for a Rickenbacker bass that I have heard in over 30 years and that bass amp is a plugin called the “Bass Amp Room” by Softube. (

It sounds so good and musical and organic, I had moss growing on my speakers after I first demo-ed it in my DAW. I though I was loosing it these past months with my bass sound but this “Bass Amp Room” plugin is what progressive rock bass is all about! “Cosmisity”  (I know that’s not a real word). Anyway if you like a tube bass amps you got to check this out. It’s unbelievably amazingly good! Cosmic to the end of the Universe.

I’ve also recently got the Zebra 2 soft synthesizer by “u-He” (, it’s very interesting piece of software worth checking out as well.

DO NOT mess with the SUM!

Something I learned thanks to a book called “Zen and the Art of Mixing”. The summing part of a DAW is like the alter of the church and should not be desecrated with anything. Although “mixer man” (the author of “Zen and the Art of Mixing”) is into using external summing hardware (which I can’t do yet – but will investigate at later time), all the same I’ve personally discovered that you don’t plug anything into the output stage of the DAW (at least in Logic Pro anyway). If you want to mess around with the mix output, do it after the fact with wav file.

“Remember the DAW Summation and keep it Holy” is my motto.

Oh yes, BTW the first five songs of my new CD are done, mixed and ready to go and I actually like how they sound, which saying a lot since I’m my own worst critic!

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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