I Hate It When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

I’ve been working on honing and fine tuning the mix for “See You in Cydonia” and at one point I decided to freeze a bunch of tracks because there are over 55 instrument tracks with this tune.

I’m not sure what happened but a bunch of tracks got thrown in the wrong place in time, there were global parameters out of kilter and a bunch of software instruments lost their sounds or settings.

Most of the damage occurred in the last half of the tune and since I was concentrating on the front end at the time, I didn’t discover what happened to last half until I played the tune through to see how my front end changes flowed through the tune. Man what a mess. There is nothing I hate more than repeating the effort of a previously executed creative process. It’s a big waste of time. And since I was unknowingly saving the messed up back end of everything as I was saving the good changes of the front end, I’ve corrupted the backup copies of the last days work (the creative “timeline”).

I decided that it was better to try and salvage the backend rather than try to re-create the front end. Anyway a day of work later and I’m almost back on track and the mix is totally screwed up from troubleshooting the living daylights out of the software so here we go again.

Caulk it up to a lessons learned experience.

Not my favorite way of learning.

About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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1 Response to I Hate It When a Plan Doesn’t Come Together

  1. David Orr says:

    Persistence baby, persistence

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