A Change of Mindset

It’s almost impossible to be objective about yourself and your work. Good friends can really come in handy by offering their honest opinions about ideas or other areas of your life. Sometimes you may have to apply a “filter” to what your friends tell you because they too are only human and therefore subjective.

That not withstanding, I’ve found that very often friends can help you extrapolate some kind of less subjective spirit of where you are at that moment in time. This valuable less subjective spirit can be leveraged against where you want to go and actually become fuel to help you get there.


Test Tapes

In my early years of writing music I use to create cassette tapes comprised of music of my favorite bands and composers. Every fourth or fifth song I would slip in one of my own. I would play these tapes when my friends came over to hang out. Every now and again (fourth or fifth song of course), I asked my friends their opinion of the last song they heard. And if they asked me name the composer of that “last” song, I’d tell them “I didn’t remember” (in order to sustain the objectivity of my blind experiment).


Nose to the MIDI Grindstone

Writing the type of music I do in a heterogeneous environment of digital technologies and the organics of guitars can be challenging enough. The real challenge of course is the aesthetic application of all this musical hardware and software.

Lately, I’ve been somewhat obsessive with remembering what it was like to hear music before I walked down this technical and analytical path. As I remember there were certain modulations and sounds that really grabbed me emotionally (i.e. emotional anchors). The 10,000 mile high view can be a tremendous asset. It’s very beneficial to be able to see the lay of the whole aesthetic battlefield (especially when your often busy digging the trenches).



Until now, I never really understood the reason behind why bloging was so popular. But I have to admit that I’m seeing a real change in my own mindset towards my music from just bloging.

Just throwing your thoughts out there can be very beneficial. It’s kind of rekindled an old passion deep inside me and has helped me get my second creative wind. I guess just talking about something you really care about to yourself and a faceless world out there and make you realize how important that something really is.



Kevin Atwood


About Kevin Atwood

Kevin Atwood is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer, working in a style that blends progressive art rock and electronic music.
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